1. Why is this project necessary?
Answer: City/County Utilities has been performing a review of its overall sanitary sewer collection system over the past few years to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations. This review has revealed that there are sections of the wastewater collection system that need to be improved to provide continued service to existing and future customers. This project was identified during this review and therefore the recommended improvements will be made. The replacement of the sanitary sewer pipeline is needed to ensure adequate and appropriate levels of service to current and future customers of the City/County Utilities Division.

2. Why does this project have to be constructed across my property?

Answer: In most cases Sanitary Sewer is conveyed by gravity from its point of origin (your home or business) to the location where it is treated to remove all pollutants and discharged back to the environment. The most economical and efficient way to construct these sewer pipelines is to follow the natural drainage contours and parallel the creeks. Where appropriate, the proposed pipes will be installed next to the existing pipes installed on or near your property to minimize impacts.

3. How much property is needed for this project?
Answer: A permanent utility easement of approximately 30 feet in width will be needed for the long-term operation and maintenance of the system. In most cases additional temporary easements to facilitate construction will also be needed along the route. These temporary easements could be up to an additional 30 feet in width. Note: Easements may not be required from all of the lands originally involved in the preliminary survey.

4. What is a utility easement?
Answer: A utility easement is a strip of land used by the Utility to construct, operate and maintain utilities. Property owners are compensated for the acquisition of utility easements.

5. If an easement is required, how is compensation determined?
Answer: An independent land value appraisal will be conducted; the City will pay for this appraisal. The appraised value will be used to determine the fair compensation for the proposed easement.

6. How long will this project last? (Start to finish)
Answer: Survey and design is anticipated to last one year, starting in June 2015. Construction of the proposed utilities will begin in January 2017, and is also anticipated to last one year.

7. What should I expect during the survey and design?
Answer: Most of the survey work will be along the location of the existing sanitary sewer line. In most cases they will be surveying all features within a 100-foot-wide corridor. The surveyors may also need to locate your property corners along the sides, front, and back of your property. This work may require temporary survey flags to be installed to mark important features. Please do not remove these flags.

8. How many properties does the water and sewer extension project impact?
Answer: Approximately 70 property owners in the area Little Creek Outfall Improvements project are being notified that they could be impacted by the project.

9. How can I get more information?
Answer: Call or email your project engineer: Mario Edouard @ 336-727-8474 or MARIOE@cityofws.org